Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New flooring and Sasha's bedroom

Wow, it's been hectic around here the past few weeks! First, my second cousin whom I had not seen in about 30 years (she was 5 or 6), came to visit. She arrived on a Thursday noon. Then my good friend from South Carolina arrived Friday evening. We had a great time, just joking, cutting up, staying up late, and sleeping late every day for about 10 days! They both left July 2nd and suddenly the house felt so quiet, not peaceful, just quiet. I loved every moment they were here!
I, being the ultimate procrastinator, had received 26 towels to embroider for a customer. Of course, I waited until the day before they were to be picked up to embroider them. In my defense, I had sprained my wrist a week before, so hooping the towels was difficult. And for some odd reason, my computer decided to crash every time I brought up the designs onscreen. I figured out a workaround after 3 hours of messing with the computer.

This week was all planned out as well. We were scheduled to have new tile installed in the bathrooms on Monday and laminate throughout the upstairs on Wednesday. Here is what I had picked out:

Isn't that the most gorgeous tile?

The tile installers come Monday morning, show me 4 tiles, then open a new box. What? No green on a single tile! Grey, white, brown, but no bluish green. I take 3 tiles to the Flooring store to show to the Salesman, who calls the rep. Several hours later the salesman from the tile store calls me to say he spoke with the rep and guess what? Only 1 out of every 32 tiles will have that coloration! That means I'll see maybe TWO tiles in that color in the entire master bath. Maybe NONE in the smaller bathroom. OK, I'm sad now :-( Time to select a different tile. And it's not getting installed this early in the week.
Here is the closest I found with sort-of the coloring I want. Sorry for the poor picture, I don't know why I always try to take them at night

The small paint chip is SW Watery, the 4 color swatch card is Behr Swan Sea at top, Gulf Winds below that. Gulf Winds matches the taffeta I'll be making our duvet out of perfectly, but I have not decided which paint color I'll end up using.

Tomorrow is laminate laying day. And we were told it could take up to 3 days to install it in the gameroom, 4 bedrooms and the hallway. About 1400 square feet, I think. I hope there are no other hiccups.
Any recommendations on the paint color I should use?
Well enough whining. Here is a past painting project, in my daughter's bedroom.

I made her a canopy bed of sorts. I'm going to paint that bed frame with my handy-dandy Annie Sloan Chalk paint in Old White. That tan color is sooooo over! I love the paint color on the wall though, a soft sagey green (Behr Sage Leaf), which is no longer available (or so I was told) cause the company no longer makes that base! Now where is that huge Ball jar full of paint for touchups? And what do you think of the leaf pattern? It's been mistaken for wallpaper so many times, but it's just stamped on with a giant sponge by Sponge Prince. I love it, only took 2 hours for the whole room. And it took that long cause I would remove the excess on a sheet of paper before I stamped the wall. Got the lamps at Lowes for $5 each, you know, when they put clearance stuff outside for cheap?

 a slim shelf unit to fit between her 2 closet doors, embossed wallpaper inside the sides to cover the scratchy plywood. Sandpaper? What's that? Crackled the sides and passed a paint and opal glaze mixture over the whole thing.
Whatcha think?