Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Den: an all purpose room: Progress

Wow, this is quite a job! I've been working on this room since last Tuesday, though not all day every day. DH has been gone for 16 days and I had so many plans for completed projects by the time he got back. But, I spent the first week sleeping A LOT, the house was just too quiet. Or you could read that as a sign that I was just being lazy.
But he got back Monday night and is trying to settle back into the normal routine, especially with the 8 hour time difference. I'm not sure what percentage you could say I have done, but just take a look. It already looks brighter (and less depressing) than wall-to-wall baby poo color.
I am so LOVING the pneumatic nailers! When I first turned the compressor on, it was on for an hour and had not built up any air pressure. Finally, I asked someone I used to work with at the sewing machine shop and he told me what to do. Smart Dude! I never would have figured it out. And apparently the Home Depot guy was not very knowledgeable either, as I had called there (where I purchased) after 45 minutes and the guy said it should start building pressure after another 20-30 minutes! Once I did what Smart Dude told me, it took about 5 minutes to fill and I was nailing up a storm!
So, here is my progress so far:

Yeah, I know, I'm not so good with cutting the holes for the outlets and stuff, but I'm improving :-)
I have filled in the area under the window with the hardboard since I took these pictures.
I'm so anxious to see the blue in the room, so I guess I'll start cutting in now! I can caulk and spackle the boards later.

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