Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Den: The Great Reveal!!!

First, I saw this awesome bathroom with board and batten installed. Then I saw this room and this little boy's room (which btw, helped alot with installation of the hardboard)!
Finally! It's taken me a full 2 months to get to this point. Ripping out old baseboards, cutting panels of hardboard, cutting more MDF than I care to ever work with again, and PAINTING! So much painting! Layers and layers of paint, I really believe this room has shrunk by at least 2 inches in every direction :-(
But, it is worth it. In the end, the room is awesome, I know I will enjoy every minute I spend in it, whether I'm planning my next home project, drafting a pattern or sewing, and of course, playing games and watching Netflix the whole time.
My favorite color is BLUE. Always has been. My bedroom at our home in Portland, TX was blue. EVERYTHING was blue. My Dad built desks for us, mine was blue. My Mom bought these pretty glass sconces to hang next to our desks, Daddy painted the inside of mine blue. First house my parents bought, I painted all the mismatched furniture a Turquoise Blue so they would sort-of match. Even the inside border of the mirror (which I still have) got a coat of the Turquoise paint.
Well on to the show, huh? I love leaving the best for last so if you are really impatient, then just skip the middle and go to the end of this post, LOL!
In it's last life, this room was my Dad's room. He had had a stroke in March 2010 so when we brought him home, this was the only room downstairs that we could use for him. And someday, when he is able to come home again, it will again be his room. But in the meantime, I've prettied it up and will use it for my studio. So this is where we were 2 months ago:

Here are some pictures taken during the makeover.

Oh, I can't contain it any longer! Please keep in mind that I'm not done "decorating", or bringing in all my sewing stuff yet. And one day I'm going to replace that long sewing table and the cutting table with an all-in-one. My camera is not that great AND it's after 1AM in the morning. But for now, this is my dream space. Hope you like it :-)

And here are the shelves I built and installed, just for fun!

In case you are wondering, the colors are: Benjamin Moore "Cotton Balls" for the board and batten, and Behr "Sonata" for the upper walls. I would love to hear what y'all think!
Love and hugs, Edna


  1. Oh, it looks lovely. You must be so pleased! I'm sorry to hear about your daddy, enjoy that beautiful space as you anticipate his return!

    : )

    Julie M.

    ps Blue has always been my favorite color, too.

  2. Julie and Angie, Thank you, it means alot to me when others like what I do :-) Now I'm checking out fabrics so I can make a roman shade for the window. I'm thinking "natural" with blue ruffles? What do y'all think?

  3. You are so lucky! I would kill for a room like this! It looks beautiful! Enjoy!

  4. Thank you Traci! I've waited a loooonnnnngggg time for a room just for sewing. Next step: a room just for the fabric! LOL! (seriously)