Saturday, June 18, 2011

New used desk

Hiya! It's Saturday afternoon and I'm sooooo sleepy! I taught a class this morning and since I only had one person attend, it went by quickly and we were done before noon. I teach the guide classes on Pfaff sewing machines at the local dealer's shop.
Anyhow, I made my first Craigslist purchase this past Tuesday morning. I found this awesome, solid pine desk, but had to drive clear from I-10W to I-45S to get it. I was nervous that it might be a lousy deal after driving so far. And when I arrived, the home it was in was so dark, I couldn't hardly tell what was what. The seller assured me it was solid wood, but I couldn't tell in the near-dark! I was still wondering about it the whole trip home, hoping it was a good buy and not a mistake. Until my son came to get it out of the car and had to use a dolly to bring it inside. I tried to lift one side of the desk while it was in the SUV and could not budge the thing! It IS solid pine, massive and heavy. I'm pretty sure it is made in Mexico as I have seen that kind of furniture before when I lived in Del Rio (3 miles from the Texas/Mexico border.
So, I paid $60 for the desk. And since I had the class this morning I knew I could not go to Wonderfaux Studio to pick up some Annie Sloan Chalk paint to paint this sucker (longest sentence ever?), I went yesterday just before they closed. The paint cost more than the desk! Well, the brown bag special plus extra wax and a wax brush did. Here is a pic of the desk before I get started (same pic from Craigslist). See ya in a bit, I'm off to start painting!

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