Monday, June 20, 2011

Follow up on the desk....

Howdy! Just sitting around thinking I need to post something while I've got your attention from Saturday's post! I've been working on my desk (off and on) since Saturday evening.
First I cleaned off the greasy grime (you know the kind, the slimey kind like over your stove?) on the keyboard shelf and the front top of the desk. Wiped down the rest of it which wasn't bad. And removed the keyboard shelf so I could access some areas to paint.
Didn't bother to sand anything, I was too anxious to try the chalk paint! It took hours (no joke) to paint every area that was visible and it swallowed up 1/2 of my quart of paint. I decided to paint over the Louis Blue top of the desk with Old White, so when I sand it, the blue will show through. Applied clear wax to everything I could reach (not done, need help to turn it over), and followed with dark wax.
Let me tell you, that wax is THICK and DARK! Here is how the desk looked after I swiped it with the dark wax...
Being the lazy busy woman that I am, I seriously was considering leaving it like that. I mean I could deal with it, but what would the majority say? That I was being sloppy. Why should I care? Why indeed, but I figured I would put in the extra work and see what happened. So, this is what the other side looks like with some of the dark removed. *Note: I have not removed the excess wax from the entire inside area marked with arrows...
Whatcha think? Am I on the right track or do I need to remove more dark wax? Add more? Please don't say "Distress"! Remember I'm soooo lazy uh, busy, I mean. Opinions please?

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