Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Sewing room and the painted desk

Well, I knew it wouldn't last. That great looking room has seen some changes tonight. Not bad, just different. Since the desk is so wide, it almost needs it's own wall. But that can't happen since I have this sewing cabinet that opens up HUGE! And I have an extra cubby to put on the left side which creates a large U-shaped cabinet!

And the space beneath the built in shelves is not that wide leaving me very little space due to the french doors (wish I could replace those with bifolds or something). The only thing that fits in that space is the cutting table. So some rearranging has occurred. The desk is almost finished so it's already sitting in it's new space. I've been looking for some fabric for the roman shade I want to put on the window, it's like a giant black hole at night. I have found two I like but cannot find the name or manufacturer of the second. Any ideas?

I'll bet you guessed that the huge open space in the middle of the room is for opening up the cutting table, right?
One day, one day, like when I win the lottery (oh, do I really have to buy a ticket), I will replace that Albany Oak cabinet and the cutting table for this, if it's even available by then.

And when I do, I can empty the drawers of the Ikea cabinet and use it in the kitchen!
Or I could go work some shifts somewhere and buy the combo table/cabinet. Nah, I'll wait for the big lottery, LOL!

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